nova vita Somatics

Pain release therapy

Evi Hofmann was born in the lovely Tauber valley in Germany. She attended a three-year fulltime training at the Loheland Gymnastic Academy for therapeutic movement and massage. Loheland Academy taught a holistic approach to movement therapy emphasizing the regenerating and health-maintaining effects of movement. As Louise Langgaard, one of the founders of Loheland, said, “Movement is an element of life. If we cultivate movement, we cultivate the human being in a comprehensive sense.” Evi graduated from Loheland as a state-certified gymnastics teacher.

After moving to the United States, she studied Clinical Somatic Education at the Somatic Systems Institute in Northampton, Massachusetts, and graduated as a Certified Clinical Somatic Educator. Clinical Somatic Education, also known as Hanna Somatics, is a natural, gentle, and safe way to end chronic pain and restore freedom of movement and is based on neuroscience.

Evi also studied with Dr. Helga Pohl who developed Sensory Motor Body Therapy. The latter consists of the following intertwined methods: Hanna Somatics, Active Pain Point Treatment, Connective Tissue Treatment, Body Awareness Training, and Sensory-motor Exercises and has been very successful in Germany.