nova vita Somatics

Pain release therapy

what conditions can be helped?

Chronic, habitual muscle tension puts undue strain on tendons, ligaments, and bones resulting in pain and limited range of motion. Overly contracted muscles are also the cause of many other functional disorders.

For example:

• chronic contraction of neck and head muscles can cause headaches and/or dizziness

• tense back, leg, and foot muscles can cause knee pain

• tense muscles in the lower belly and pelvic floor can cause bladder problems

• tense breathing muscles can cause breathing difficulties, but also heart trouble, depression, or fear

Conditions Successfully Treated

Chronic pain such as headaches; back pain; neck, shoulder, arm, and hand pain; hip, knee, and foot pain; sciatica; and TMJ syndrome

Movement disorders such as stiffness, imbalance, weakness, and walking difficulties

Functional disorders such as constipation, frequent urination, insomnia, respiratory conditions, and dizziness when no organic cause can be found

Benefits include

• improved mobility, strength, and coordination

• stress relief

• improved posture and appearance

• greater physical independence and mastery of your movements