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Pain release therapy

causes of painful conditions

Our body reacts to positive experiences with relaxation, flexibility, and well-being. Through negative experiences such as injuries, surgeries, emotional and mental stress, we react by becoming tense and contracting our muscles. This tensing and contracting usually passes once the negative event is over. However, through severe trauma or ongoing stress, chronic contractions can develop. Also bad body mechanics or bad habits such as always putting one’s weight on one leg or craning the head forward while sitting in front of the computer put strain on the body, which can cause chronic contractions. We develop a pattern of muscle holding and disturbed proprioception very individual to each of us. We no longer can voluntarily control or relax these muscles. All we feel is pain and the limitation of our movement in these areas.

Thomas Hanna called this inability to sense and voluntarily release tight muscles sensory-motor amnesia. Muscles with sensory-motor amnesia have learned to stay so contracted that no matter what you do—stretching, massaging, or drugging the muscles—they will not relax for the long term.

Evi's Pain Release Therapy goes to the root of the problem: your brain and nervous system and their control of muscles and movement. To reverse pain and regain mobility, we retrain how the brain and nervous system control the muscles and joints.