Evi focuses on helping clients regain enjoyable, functional ease of movement no matter what age or fitness level they may be.

The exercises and hands-on private sessions are are also very suitable for seniors and people recovering from injury, surgery, or trauma.

She works holistically and addresses your particular posture and pattern of muscle holding by working with you with guided hands-on movements releasing one tight muscle/joint region after another that had caused pain and limited movement. Since you are actively participating and your brain, the master controller, is being given new sensory input with each movement, changes can happen quickly and immediately. Tight muscles that you could not release voluntarily come again under your voluntary control.

To ensure lasting success, Evi assists you through body awareness training to stay pain-free and flexible.

You will also be taught simple self-care movements tailored to your needs to do at home that will reinforce what you have learned.

You should wear comfortable, loose clothing for the sessions to be able to move freely.

​I​ can reach in the back of my car again...

The sessions with Evi felt very relaxing and energizing. Somatics loosens things up very quickly. My shoulder feels much better, and I can reach in the back of my car again. I only wish I had known about Somatics before I had any surgery on my knee and foot, which actually made things worse.

E. R., retiree

My knee is 100% better...

About 6 months after I had broken my ankle, I couldn’t bend my knee anymore without it hurting. I had two sessions with Evi and do the somatic exercises she showed me every morning for 10 to 15 minutes. My knee is 100% better. There is absolutely no pain, and I can do everything. I found that Evi did a very accurate diagnosis and focused exactly on all the areas that needed to be released and aligned. Doing the somatic exercises first thing in the morning is extremely helpful.

M. L., avid gardener

I found the session calming

I had terrible heel pain, especially in the morning after getting up, and it started to hurt after running. My knee hurt also. Now it’s already more than a year after my session with Evi. With doing the exercise she showed me, I had no problem ever since. It’s amazing.

James, young athlete 

The first session usually lasts about an hour and a half as it includes the initial assessment. Subsequent sessions are usually about an hour or an hour and a half depending on the needs of the client.

First Session: $90

Subsequent 1-hour session: $90

Subsequent 1/2-hour session: $50

Package of 3 1-hour sessions: $225

Sessions via Skype, Zoom, or Facetime are available for the same prices.

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